Envii x Babs The Label

Join us as Envii proudly collaborates with our longstanding ambassador, Babette, the visionary force behind Babs the Label. Years of shared passion and creativity have led us to this moment - a collaboration celebrating the fusion of styles and cultures.

Babette's personal and creative style shines through in this collection. The items are diverse and versatile, suitable for a range of tastes and ages. Reflecting our commitment to innovation and style, with a touch of Dutch directness and Danish softness, this collection embodies our journey together.

Discover a curated collection where Babette's style merges seamlessly with Envii's prints and designs. These pieces are more than just clothing; they are statements. Infuse your unique creativity and celebrate your individuality.

Join us in celebrating our enduring partnership and the evolution of our style. Explore the collection exclusively online at Envii.com and babsthelabel.com, Envii stores, and the Babs the Label store in The Netherlands.